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        Company Profile
        FulianNanan syntheticMachineryCo Ltd
        ADD:Yangshan Industrial zone(Inside The Jintang Village)shijing town,Nan'an city,Fujian Province
        TEL:0595-86087918 13960237757
        Company Profile

              FulianNanan syntheticMachineryCo Ltd isa company specializingin lhe p roduction of large slone processing equipment R&;D andmanufacluring is committed to the field of slone machine ry,slrongtechnical force.advanced management methods,and has theadvanced production equipment and testing equipment,a leadinglevel n stone machinery manufacturing industry.
              Synthetic Machinery Co.,Ltd.is committed to the development of new products to meet the growing market demand. To develop abroader market, continue to adhere to technological innovation and down-to -earth, continue to provide satisfactory products for users.The spirit of"honesty,excellence"principle,with"quality seek survival, seek development by science and technology,to serve the stone market,management for effciency"for the purpose of cooperation with all parties to a person of noble aspirations superior products,wholeheartedly,with the best reputation,first-class service to provide satisfactory products for our customers,and as in the past todo the quality of service and customer service,based on domestic,to the world.

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