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        Stone mechanical support how to choose materials
        According to our stone machinery manufacturers for many years experience, stone machinery supporting the material, mainly for cast iron and steel. Cast iron support, if the guide rail and support pieces are molded, the cast iron grades are selected according to the requirements of the rails. If the guide is inlaid, or there is no guide on the support, the HT150 or HT200 is generally available. If the stone cutting machine support is welded by steel and steel, it is usually used for Q235 or Q345.
        The residual stress in casting or welding will cause creep of the stone cutting machine support. So it is necessary to carry out aging processing (Seasoning). The aging treatment is preferably carried out after roughing. Cast iron at 450 ℃ above the internal stress under the action of deformation, more than 550 ℃ will reduce the hardness. So the thermal aging treatment should be carried out in the range of 530 ℃ -550 ℃, which can eliminate both the internal stress, and will not reduce the hardness. The aging temperature of the steel welded parts is high, about 600 ° C to 650 ° C. The vibration aging has recently been studied by placing parts on two elastic seats, such as (old tires), and the exciter in the middle of the part. The excitation frequency of the exciter is adjusted to the natural frequency equal to the bending vibration of the part. Thus, the resonant parts resonate, the bending stress plus the part of the stress will exceed the yield limit of the material, the material deformation of the plastic to eliminate the internal stress. Exciter has a shaft, the eccentric, driven by the DC motor rotation. Adjust the speed can change the excitation frequency, adjust the eccentricity can change the exciting force. The advantage of this method is fast, energy saving; the disadvantage is to measure its natural frequency, such as by a bending vibration of the natural frequency of excitation, the middle part of the amplitude, to eliminate the internal stress effect is better, both ends of the small amplitude, the effect difference. This method is currently more in the stone mechanical beam on the trial, such as bed, beams and so on.
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