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        Now what is the direction of stone machinery development?
        The general trend of scientific development of mechanical engineering will be digital, intelligent, precision, miniaturization, life and ecological. Stone machinery as a branch of mechanical engineering disciplines, but also follow the general trend of development towards the robot and intelligent direction. Economic development and social progress on the stone machinery to produce new requirements and expectations.
        Stone machinery and computer technology, network technology on the basis of the formation of a digital development trend. Stone cutting machine Water knife is the technical content and integration of high equipment. The overall level of China's waterjet compared with the international advanced level there is still a gap. In the journey towards the manufacture of arc polishing machine, opportunities and challenges coexist. Product innovation and design capability has become the decision to enterprises in the global competition in the status of the primary factor. Large-scale stone machinery development, no mature experience can learn from, it must be through the integration of multidisciplinary technology to improve design efficiency and design quality, enhance the independent innovation capability and market competitiveness.
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